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Dantech is a woman-owned IT technology firm that provides custom IT services, technology solutions, and IT talent to a broad range of organizations. Dana Cottrell founded Dantech in 1997, on the primary principle that success is derived from delivering high quality service while being practical, accountable, flexible, and innovative.

Quite simply, we specialize in assembling teams of highly specialized talent that complete projects of varying durations, varying orders of magnitude, and varying technology landscapes. There is one thing that does not vary and that is our committment to quality. We are a niche shop that is obsessed with quality over quantity. We strongly believe that when you choose our company you are choosing quality.

We Are a Small, Boutique IT Firm

We offer businesses and corporations highly specialized services, solutions, and skills that addresses specific problems or aspects of a large-scale business initiative. We aim to provide custom offerings that improve each client's agility, efficiency, trajectory and revenue. We opt to label ourselves as "boutique" since we are small; however,the term is in direct contrast to the large impacts that we have had for our customers.

Larger, more traditional IT firms often provide clients with their standard suite of services and solutions. They aim for consistency on an very broad scale that is executed by their massive pools of resources. We are narrowly focused on what each client may need. Each client receives a custom tailored experience and service that is accompanied by a very reasonable cost. Our costs remain lower simply due to the that that we lower operating costs than traditional IT consulting firms.

We Are Subcontractors to the Larger IT Firms

We provide services, solutions, and skills for many large, traditional IT firms. Larger firms have vast amounts of resources at their disposal to advertise, attract, and win large contracts. Frequently, when they require "bench strength" in a particular skillset or they want to keep their project costs low, they will subcontract with our company. Its a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship.

Larger firms possess national level and global level reach and acclaim. Based on our strategic subcontract relationships, this significantly reduces our need to advertise and compete to win contract bids. Larger firms generally receive costly fees to execute. When these firms opt to subcontract to our firm, they can profit from outsourcing the challenge to us while still collecting their traditional high fees. It will always be more cost-effective for larger firms to align with us when they require support than to internally hire, train, and retain talent with the hopes that all resources will be assigned to contracts.

We are Creative and Innovative

We are constantly conceiving or conceptualizing something original or unusual to provide custom tailored services and solutions. Our creativity stems from the necessity to abide by client budget, timeline, and available resources.

We are constantly enabling our clients to innovate, or implementate something new for their business. We view innovation as more than just a new product. We view innovation as a new business process, workflow, technology implementation, revenue stream, operating model, architecture, or marketing SEO strategy. We believe that all of these things are innvovative since they significantly impact our clients.

We offer a variety of consulting services and custom solutions
to address your technology challenges.