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Dantech offers custom technology services, custom technology solutions, professional staffing, and on-site consulting services by highly qualified IT professionals. We specialize in effectively utilizing top talent to retain low costs. We believe that one highly talented individual is more valuable to your project and more cost-effective to the bottom line than multiple inexperienced resources with low quality outputs.

Custom Technology Services

We can augment your existing technology team's capabilities. We make the perfect partner when your technical challenge requires Top Talent but your bottom line restricts hiring quality full-time "Top Talent". We have a myriad of ala carte services that are well suited for only being of use when you need them. This will allow you to scale your IT capacity and effectively respond to spikes in IT demand at a significantly reduced or fixed cost.

Outsourced Technical Solutions

We can envision, design, document, test, and construct custom, complete solutions for your business. We employ agile development methodologies to empirically drive to the best solution for your needs. We are experienced in a variety of technologies, infrastructues, architectures, platforms, and programming languages. As a part of our service, we can provide you with several implementation alternatives, recommendations, and associated costs once an initial assessment of your specific requirements, budget, and timelines has concluded. We conduct regularly scheduled reviews to demo the work in progress thereby ensuring that the solution meets your expectations as it is being constructed and that any required changes are addressed as quickly as possible.

IT Talent Recruitment, Screening, and Placement

We are able to provide resources to fulfill your IT talent requirements, whether the need is for a short-term contract engagement or a permanent full-time employee. We use our resources to locate and qualify "IT Talent" that meets your qualification requirements, timeline, and budget. We are a consultancy that believes helping you find the right talent is much more than passing along an endless stream of resumes.
Talent Services Offered:
  • Candidate Skill Assessment and Screening
  • Talent Placement
  • Skill Search and Recruitment
We offer a variety of consulting services and custom solutions
to address your technology challenges.