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Welcome to Dantech

Dantech offers custom technology services, custom technology solutions and consulting/support services by highly qualified IT professionals. We specialize in effectively utilizing top talent to satisfy our Client's technology requirements, budget, and timelines. We believe that highly talented individuals are more impactful and cost-effective to the bottom line than multiple inexperienced resources. We welcome the opportunity to have a conversation on how we can support your technology goals.

Custom Technology Services

We can augment your existing technology team's capabilities to find new technology, develop new technology, integrate or transform your existing technology, or sustain your existing technology platform. Our talented team members possess the right skills and attitude to help you investigate, analyze, architect, design, develop, deploy, and maintain your preferred technology model. We will seamlessly join your team, either on-site or remote, to provide technology services that help your business thrive.

Outsourced Technical Solutions

We can envision, design, document, test, and construct custom, complete solutions for your business, with minimal interruption to your staff. We employ agile development methodologies to empirically drive to the best solution for your needs. We are experienced in a variety of technologies, infrastructues, architectures, platforms, and programming languages. As a part of our service, we can provide you with several implementation alternatives, recommendations, and associated costs once an initial assessment of your specific requirements, budget, and timelines has concluded. We conduct regularly scheduled reviews to demo the work in progress thereby ensuring that the solution meets your expectations as it is being constructed and that any required changes are addressed as quickly as possible.

Consulting and Support Services

Whether your need is short term or long term, we can provide consulting contracts to meet your project and program needs. Our talented team can help you realize your technology goals by leveraging their wealth of experience and proven industry best practices.
We offer a variety of consulting services and custom solutions
to address your technology challenges.