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Dantech offers complete technology solutions that are custom tailored to our clients' needs. We have completed all types of solutions ranging from large-scale cloud implementations to custom website solutions to drive sales. The following are some of the most common technical solution requests: Custom Web Services, Custom Websites, Custom Cloud Applications, Custom Mobile Applications, TestTaker

Custom Web Services

Dantech offers custom web service solutions for your business internal or external websites. Our web service solutions are custom designed to your specification and highly interoperable with your targeted systems. We provide two types of custom web service solutions: Web API and XML.

Web API services utilize a simpler representational state transfer(e.g., REST) based communications. This type of web service does require understanding of the informational format/structure (representation) to successfully function. Typically HTML, XML, or JSON formats are used; however, an image, plain text, or any other content type can be used as well. Our solution for Web API web services generally includes web service code, HTML or JSON integration use cases and examples, build scripts, functional and integration testing, and environment deployment.

XML web services use eXtensible Markup Language (XML) messages that follow the SOAP standard. This web service type is very popular with large scale enterprise applications. Our solution for XML web services generally includes web service code, interface definition (WSDL), XML integration use cases and examples, XML Schema definition and publication, build scripts, functional and integration testing, and environment deployment.

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Custom Websites

Dantech offers professional, creative, and affordable website design for businesses and individuals. Dantech can provide you with a polished online appearance that fully represents you as an individual or your business. Your input will drive the preferred color combinations, links, content, social media, advertisements, pictures, and videos. Whether you already have a website or are looking to launch a website we can assist you. Every effort is taken to deliver a website with a compelling presence and sense of unique identity. We realize that your website is your target audience's first impression of your identity or your business' identity and that your success is largely dependent on how well your website is received. This extends beyond just looks. Dantech provides custom website solutions that function well, seamlessly, and reliably.

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Custom Cloud Applications

Dantech offers custom cloud application solutions. In today's world, cloud applications are both key enablers and drivers for expansive business change and growth. For many companies, this makes cloud utilization a major cornerstone of their technology and business strategy. Cloud initiatives are proven to drive growth, reduce costs and attract and retain customers. Cloud applications allow organizations to deliver IT without boundaries, to break down traditional silos, to connect and empower employees and customers, and to simplify technology access, cost, and modernization.

All of our cloud solutions and strategies are 100% custom and are engineered to help our customers implement streamlined business processes, decrease errors and limitations attributed to covential application approaches, increase productivity, boost revenue and reduce time to market.

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Custom Mobile Applications

Dantech offers custom mobile application solutions. Whether you need planning, design, technology refresh, design improvements or development assistance, our consulting services will make your mobile mission a success. Our most popular custom mobile solutions are mobile application strategy, mobile application design, and mobile application development.

With our mobile application strategy solutions, we partner with you to devise a plan that defines and prioritized high value, high impact functions and features to meet desired business outcomes and to streamline the design and development process.

With our mobile application design solutions, we deliver a multi-faceted, encompassing package that includes architecture, infrastructure, user experience, test framework, and deployment specifications.

With our mobile application development solutions, we build a mobile solution, based on the chose mobile application design, within the project management bondaries of time and budget.

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In 2010, Dantech unveiled www.TestTakerOnline.com, an innovative, automated, intelligent testing platform specially designed to preparing individuals who aspire to perform well on technical certification exams and interviews.

But this is not your average, run-of-the-mill preparation website that offers access to a bank of certification quality exam questions and/or flashcards. TestTakerOnline.com has an automated intelligence engine under the hood. It uses an artificial intelligence approach to learn the areas in which an individual is weak or knows very little. It then focuses on those areas until the individual continually performs better. It interacts with site users by testing. The more tests an individual takes, the more TestTaker learns about that individual. TestTaker then uses this knowledge to custom create tests for users.

TestTaker grew from an internal, perpetual need to accurately and uniformly assess the skill sets of candidates for consulting positions and to gauge the level of expertise with particular skills. Over time the knowledge base grew as well as the dependency on the knowledge base. Additionally, the collection of responses to questions in the knowledge base became increasingly valuable as a feedback loop to assess the weight of a particular question. Lastly, an engine was built to interact with the knowledge base. This worked so well for internal use that in 2008 we decided to make it available to everyone.

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