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Dantech offers a wide assortment of custom technology services that provide quality talent for adhoc engagement needs. The following are some of the most common custom technology services that we have provided: Solution Assessments, Maintenance Contracts, Solution Reviews, Solution Replatforming, Solution Transformation, Architecture Blueprints

Solution Assessments

There are a multitude of scenarios which will drive your organization to consider implementing a new technology and/or a new solution implementation, including but not limited to: technology license or support expiration, cost reduction initiatives, regulatory or industry requirements, compliance mandates, increasing support costs, business process modernization, or revenue generation.

Dantech can assist you with assessing your current state technology landscape, defining the underlying critical details and implications of change, discovering additional opportunities, and identifying strategies, technologies, vendors, and products. Dantech assessments provide an additional appraisal that can confirm your planned solution, can provide alternate solution paths, or can dissuade investment in a futile, costly plan.

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Maintenance Contracts

Dantech maintenance Contracts are designed to reduce costs and ensure timely reliable support. Dantech offers the assurance of guaranteed service level agreements which are customized to provide for guaranteed response times, incident management, troubleshooting, issue resolution, virtual support, and solution enhancements. Our contracts will allow you to maximize the value, performance, and availability of your IT solution throughout its lifecycle.

Our contracts are customized based on the technology, level of interation, and maintenance period.

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Solution Reviews

Dantech provides solution architecture and code review services. This type of evaluation is of key significance to confirm whether a solution meets critical business objectives, such as, but not limited to: confirmation of whether a solution will scale horizontally and vertically to meet ever increasing demand, incident resolution of encountered critical performance concerns, and full alignment with functional and non-functional requirements.

In the context of new solution implementations, reviews can significantly reduce costly rework late in the software development lifecycle by detecting and correcting architectural flaws earlier rather than later. Early reviews can eliminate the unwanted surprise of last minute rework due to the implementation of sub-optimal technology option. Since solution reviews are generally performed periodically, it is cost-effective to leverage Dantech on "as needed" basis to conduct reviews rather than support the costs associated with retaining a full architecture staff.

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Solution Replatforming

Dantech offers solution replatforming services in which we migrate your solution, as well as the associated data, from one technology to another. The focus is the keep the solution "as-is". This service is extremely popular with clients seeking to reduce their technology footprint and associated maintaince costs for older technologies. This service begins with an assessment of your current state solution implementation, data, integrations, and dependencies.

Dantech can provide replatforming recommendations in the event that the target platform is not finalized. Once the target platform decision has been made, Dantech will execute an approved migration plan to replatform your solution.

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Solution Transformation

Dantech offers solution transformation services to meet the opportunities and challenges presented to your current technology solutions. Well-executed, relevant solutions breed customer loyalty, improved sales, and market share growth. It can be quite difficult and expensive to progress from your current solution state to your ideal target state. Dantech aids this process by providing innovation, new capabilities, and enhanced functionality with high quality and fixed costs. Dantech will also seamlessly integrate your solution into your technology landscape and coordinate a controlled launch with minimal disruption to your business.

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Architecture Blueprints

Dantech offers architecture blueprint services. This service delivers a comprehensive document that provides an architectural overview, using a number of different architectural views and interactions to depict different aspects of the system. This service is intended to provide details on the significant architectural decisions and implications of the solution. This document will contain an assortment of perspectives on the current state architecture, the target state architecture, as well as any necessary transitional architectures. The blueprint services does also include technology stack recommendations and can be combined with our solution assessment services to determine the most appropriate technology tools and vendors.

Clients can utilize Dantech Architecture Blueprints to vet internal architecture deliverables and decisions. This can provide an additional perspective on the architecture quality and objectives.

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